Who sold the most houses in Tonbridge 2022?

Which Estate Agent sold the most houses in Tonbridge in 2022?

Well according to Rightmove analytics* Bracketts did!

Bracketts Estate Agents in Tonbridge has cemented its position as the town’s most established and successful estate agency in 2022 with more sales in TN11 0 / TN11 8 / TN11 9 / TN9 1 / TN9 2 / TN10 3 / TN10 4 postcodes than any other estate agent! 

The report for which estate agent sold most houses in Tonbridge in 2022? Bracketts Estate Agents, Tonbridge.

As the number one selling estate agent in Tonbridge, Bracketts has gained a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Our fantastic team led by manager Matthew Saxby, includes Jamie Withers, Lucy Martin, Nick Thomas and Janice Standen.

Under Matthew’s leadership, the team at Bracketts has consistently delivered outstanding results for their clients, helping them to buy and sell residential properties with ease.

With a deep understanding of the local property market and a commitment to delivering the best possible service, the team at Bracketts is the go-to choice for anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent in the historic town of Tonbridge.

So if you’re looking to make a move in Tonbridge in 2023, please make sure to give our team at Bracketts a call on 01732 350503 to discuss how we can help.

Bracketts Estate Agents in Tonbridge, the town's most established and successful estate agency in 2022

* Data is derived purely from Rightmove.co.uk‘s internal statistics and advertisers on 31/12/2022, may be subject to specific geography or search criteria and is provided ‘as is’ for general interest only. Rightmove makes no warranty as to the data’s suitability for any purpose and accepts no liability for any action or inaction taken as a consequence of its use. For a full list of all competing agents contact

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