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Many properties hide potentially costly and dangerous defects ranging from structural issues to timber rot and dampness. Our RICS qualified Chartered Surveyors will carry out a thorough inspection and provide an impartial assessment of the condition of the property you are looking to buy around the Tunbridge Wells/Tonbridge area.

We utilise years of training and on site experience to inspect each element of your perspective home, from the roof to the basement. Then, we compile our findings into a detailed report.

All of our RICS Chartered Surveyors have a broad knowledge of the local area, types of local property, and issues to look out for. You can trust our detailed assessment to give you confidence by being completely sure of what you’re buying.

Our Private Client Surveying Service is about more than just the survey inspection and report. We provide a full personal wrap-around service so that you have direct contact with your personal surveyor (who is contactable by phone and email) to discuss any concerns you have prior to the inspection and to run through any questions you have once you have had an opportunity to review the report.

Victorian Villa - Surveys and Valuations by Chartered Surveyors in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, Kent
Oast House - Surveys and Valuations by Chartered Surveyors in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, Kent

Level 3 Surveys

Formerly Building Surveys

When should I instruct a Level 3 Survey?

The Level 3 Survey is the most common type of pre-acquisition survey that we carry out and is the most appropriate survey for older properties (anything pre-1939) or larger, complex buildings where numerous alterations and/or extensions have been carried out. It is the most in-depth and comprehensive report available and provides a detailed picture of the property’s construction and condition.

Level 3 Survey on London Road - Surveys and Valuations by Chartered Surveyors in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, Kent

What is included in the RICS Level 3 Survey

Our inspection follows a comprehensive and logical process, which enables us to describe and comment on over 30 building components / categories (such as roofs, walls, external joinery, dampness etc.). We prepare our bespoke reports with care and attention and your personal surveyor will be contactable by phone and email before the inspection and following the issue of the report to discuss any specific concerns or questions you have.

The RICS Level 3 Survey will highlight significant and structural issues, defects that will affect the value of the property and provide advice in respect of items of wear and tear and ongoing maintenance. If defects are identified we will explain the likely cause and provide a brief description of the probable remedial works.

In most cases, following receipt of our surveyor reports, our clients then like to chat through the findings of the survey and this is always something we would recommend.

Our Level 3 Survey does not come with a Market Valuation or an Insurance Reinstatement Valuation as standard but these services can be included for an additional fee.

All Level 3 reports are conducted by MRICS Chartered Surveyors

Level 2 Surveys

Formerly Homebuyer Reports

When should I instruct a Level 2 Survey?

You should choose an RICS Home Survey Level 2 if you are thinking of buying a modern, conventional house (flat or bungalow) which was built after 1939 from common building materials and appears to be in reasonable condition.

Level 2 Survey (Homebuyer Report) - Surveys and Valuations by Chartered Surveyors in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, Kent

What is included in the RICS Level 2 Survey

Our inspection follows a comprehensive and logical process, which enables us to describe and comment on over 30 building components / categories (such as roofs, walls, windows, doors, etc.). The RICS Level 2 Survey comes in a pre-formatted report type with the main purpose of identifying serious or structural defects or issues that may affect the value of the property. If defects are identified, further investigations will be recommended. The reporting in the Level 2 Survey is much briefer than the Level 3 Survey and we use a traffic light system to help you easily identify important and urgent matters.

In most cases, following receipt of our surveyor reports, our clients then like to chat through the findings of the survey and this is always something we would recommend.

Our Level 2 Survey does not come with a Market Valuation or an Insurance Reinstatement Valuation as standard but these services can be included for an additional fee.

 All Level 2 reports are conducted by MRICS Chartered Surveyors

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In numerous circumstances you may require a property market valuation and as RICS Regulated Valuers with many years of experience, our surveyors can provide valuation reports for an extensive range of reasons and clients. We have in fact, been providing valuation services since 1828, when William Brackett, our founder, started valuing property when he first formed the company.

We offer a personal and friendly valuation service in Kent, East Sussex and the South East and we adhere to the high standards of professionalism set out  by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

All of our valuations are carried out by Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers and are backed by the appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance.

Valuations by Chartered Surveyors in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, Kent

What types of Valuation Do You Provide?

There are numerous reasons why a valuation by a Chartered Surveyor (which provides impartial and independent confirmation of a property’s value) might be required. Our team of experts provide the following valuation services across Residential and Commercial properties:

Buying a property will probably be the most expensive purchases of your life and most commonly, Red Book Market Valuations are required when you buy a property. These are normally arranged by your lender but on some occasions you may want to instruct your own independent Market Valuation (for example if you are buying a property in cash).

An Estate Agent’s Valuation / Market Appraisal is not the same as a Chartered Surveyor’s. The purpose of an Estate Agent’s valuation will be to secure an instruction to sell a property and this will impact the figure provided. A Chartered Surveyor / Registered Valuer, however, is obliged to provide a thoroughly researched, impartial and independent valuation.

All of our Market Valuations are carried out by Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers.

Are you looking at selling a property which you bought with the assistance of a Help to Buy Loan? If so, you’ll need a valuation to determine the Market Value. This Valuation needs to be compliant with the RICS Red Book and undertaken by an RICS Registered Valuer, of which we have a number at Bracketts Chartered Surveyors.

Shared Ownership is another product of the Government Help to Buy scheme. The scheme is for eligible individuals to who can’t afford a 100% mortgage of a home but want to buy a share of that property. The shares are usually between 25% and 75% of the home’s value and the homeowner pays rent on the remaining share.

If you are a leaseholder of a Shared Ownership property and want to buy further shares in your property. This process is known as staircasing and will enable you to own a greater proportion of your home. The greater the share you buy of your home, the less rent you will have to pay to the housing association and If you staircase to 100% you become an outright owner and pay no rent.

As the other share in the equity is owned by a public body, it is a requirement for the Valuation Report to be produced by an independent RICS Registered Valuer, which is where we can assist.

Saying goodbye to a close close friend, family member or spouse is never easy. When a family member or friend has passed away, their property may need to be valued for the purpose of calculating the estate’s Inheritance Tax liability. At Bracketts Chartered Surveyors, we’re compassionate by nature but we’re also practical and efficient when providing valuations for this purpose.

A formal Probate Valuation must be produced by an RICS Registered Valuer and must be prepared in accordance with the RICS Valuation – Professional Standards (the Red Book), under the correct statutory definition of market value and in a format that will stand up to scrutiny from the District Valuer. We are here to assist you in this difficult process and all of our RICS Registered Valuers adhere to these strict regulations.

If you are acting as an Executor and require a Probate / Inheritance Tax Valuation please give us a call today.

It can be a difficult and sad time for both parties when a marriage breaks down and one of the most contentious items for discussion is often the allocation of assets. The marital home is often the most expensive asset and often the home needs to be valued as part of the divorce process.

We provide matrimonial property valuations, which in laymens terms means property valuations for divorce settlements. Our friendly and sympathetic team of Chartered Surveyors and Registered Valuers are the ideal choice to make a stressful time as easy as possible.

We are normally appointed as an independent ‘Single Joint Expert’ (although we can be instructed by a single party) to determine the market value of the property in question.

Our RICS Registered Valuers will inspect the property taking into account its location, construction and accommodation and using valuation methodology (as defined and regulated by the RICS) provide an independent and accurate report on its Market Value. This report will then be used to determine how the jointly owned asset will be distributed.

We work on behalf of banks to provide valuations for Secured Lending purposes. These may include valuations for mortgage or remortgage purposes or for pension fund transactions.

Our team of RICS Registered Valuers can provide valuations for financial statements and accounts. Our reports are fully compliant with the latest RICS Valuation Standards and completed to the highest standard

Our team of Chartered Surveyors provide both landlord and tenant clients with advice on rent reviews and lease renewals and other Landlord and Tenant work.

Purchasing and owning a property is an expensive endeavour and it is important to put measures in place to to protect your asset in the event that a disastrous problem may arise. For this reason, insuring your property is a must.

Our friendly team of Chartered Building Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers can inspect your property and provide an Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessment / Valuation.

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments / Valuations (also known as re-build costs or building sum insured) are undertaken to determine the cost of rebuilding a property in the event that there is a total loss.

The reinstatement cost of your property has no bearing with its market value but it is vital home / property owners know the reinstatement cost of their property to ensure they can obtain accurate and competitive Building Insurance. This provides you with confidence that you are not under-insuring (or over-insuring) your property and helps prevent insurance companies not meeting claims that may arise.

We can inspect your property / home at a convenient time to carry out a site inspection (which may include a measured survey or cross-checking previously dimensioned plans) in order that we can then utilise our RICS cost assessment software (making adjustments where necessary) to determine the re-build cost. We will then issue our report in a timely manner, which can be forwarded on to your insurance broker / provide.

Project Services

Additional Services

We routinely advise Landlords and Tenants in connection with dilapidations liabilities including the preparation of schedules of dilapidations, conducting negotiations, pricing schedules, arranging / overseeing works and concluding claims. We maintain strong links with a range of contractors capable of dealing with both minor works and major projects.

A schedule of condition is a factual document that includes a written statement of condition, generally accompanied by photographs, recording the state of the property at the commencement of a lease which can be used for reference at the end of the term. The schedule can be used to limit a tenant’s dilapidations liability when the lease ends and is attached to the lease and can assist landlords if their property has been returned in a poorer state than documented in the Schedule of Condition. Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors are here to guide you through the process and have extensive experience in preparing Schedules of Condition.

It is essential building owners and occupiers proactively maintain, manage and improve their properties over a prescribed time period. Our Chartered Building Surveyors can inspect residential and commercial properties in order to highlight immediate works to put a building back into repair or to make a property safe, gauge future maintenance requirements and provide likely timescales for the various works. This allows owners to forecast repair costs and budget for on-going maintenance. We will also advise if further investigations are required by specialists.

We have developed close relationships with specialist consultants and partners capable of providing independent advice on matters including planning, asbestos, energy performance, floor plans, damp and beetle infestation, environmental issues and general statutory compliance.

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Ali Z.
Emma H.
From the minute I met Rebecca at the property she made the experience personal. I had some issues along the way and Rebecca was there to support me the entire way. I can’t thank Rebecca enough and would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to let their property.
Thomas G
Have been renting through Bracketts for a while. Process was very smooth and the communications during tenancy have been excellent. Quick to respond and have chased when needed
susanne C.
The survey provided was efficient, helpful and friendly. The report was received promptly and all queries answered quickly and simply, including plenty of photos of the flat roof. It was good to find a surveyor who could survey a flat roof at a very competitive price.
Ray T.
Very professional and attentive. Excellent service provided throughout the entire rental process. Highly recommended!
Sandie J.
I was recommended Bracketts by a client and am very pleased to have been referred. The service was quick and efficient and the survey results were very clear. I was also really pleased on asking questions, that the responses were clear and in layman's terms, which is exactly what I needed. Would absolutely recommend.
John D.
Rebecca was very easy to work with. Communicated openly, was happy to take ideas / feeback on the property and always responded promptly to support us get contracts signed. Would recommend working with her
Toby W.
Bracketts have been great with the house purchase. Through Nick and Lucy initially with viewings and then getting into the property having had our offer accepted to Janice who has helped push all the elements along to point of completion everyone has been really friendly, helpful and understanding. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
Paul K.
We used Brackett's to provide a structural survey and they gave an excellent friendly service, nothing too much trouble, and would defiantly recommend.

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