When selling your home

When selling your home, or perhaps your family’s home, or an investment property, how on earth do you choose an estate agent when there are so many in your area?

A quick internet search or stroll along the High Street which hosts most of the leading agents, there is a plethora of agents, and many a shop front with illuminated property cards showcasing beautiful homes, so where do you start?

Pop your head around the door and say hello to someone in the office. 

See what sort of reception you receive, how warm is the welcome, how friendly is the smile, how helpful is the advice you receive?

This is what your buyers would receive too, so a welcoming approach is essential, and so basic, so you may be surprised to learn that not all agents will welcome you in the same way, in fact many don’t have a high street presence at all, yet experience shows that despite a raft of online activity, there is a continued demand for face to face contact with a professional who will oversee the process for you.

Our staff at brackets are all very accessible, so whether you need to have a chat with one of our RICS Chartered Surveyors, seek advice from our rental department, or enquire about any of our properties for sale, or your commercial property requirements, we can promise you’ll be warmly welcomed and given ‘best advice’.

We look forward to welcoming you at Bracketts

Sarah Mott

Associate Partner

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